Wanna learn CG and make your skill to the next level by creating some stunning visual effects then consider our Course which will help you with this.

Chapter 1 - Introduction

This chapter is designed for beginners who are just starting Blender for the first time and want to know how Blender works. Not only you will learn to use Blender also you will render your first picture.

Chapter 2 - Tracking Basic

I believe tracking is the most important stuff when you are making any Visual Effects That’s why I included this chapter. I shared 3 different workflows for blender Tracking.

Chapter 3 - VFX BALL

In this Chapter, you will start making your First VFX Project. You will learn the main workflow from start to finish. By the end of this chapter, you will be able to make an effect like this.

Chapter 4 - VFX CLOTH

In this chapter, you will learn more details about VFX like how you can create some illusions using VFX. You will learn simulations and also see how we can fix some issues that we will face creating these effects.

Chapter 5 - VFX CAR

This is one of the most demanding effects. This chapter has all the details about placing a car and making it fly and also how you can sit inside the car. It has a different workflow from previous chapters.

Chapter 6 - VFX TRAIN

This is the green screen effect. after completing this chapter you will have the knowledge of how you can shoot yourself on chroma and put it inside Blender and create a cool 3d environment. 


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